Fisrt i want to say Free Palestine , there is no israel in the map there is just Palestine
Our Target is your Governement's Websites ... We will Inshalaah with The help of Many Muslim Hackers Take You Off From The InterneT ! Your Credit Cards , Your Bank's Account , Your Servers ... Are In Danger ! We Never Forget what You Do against the Humanity ... In Afghanistan Millions Of People Were Dead... , Pakistan's Muslims Are Killed In The Force's Attacks... Israelien Forces Destroyed Palestinien's Families ...Killed Innocent Childrens ... But No One Cares !!!! You Want To Stop Us !! But Let me guess ! Can a Men Catch a Shadow ?!

Peace be upon those who follow guidance Lama after the letters was carrying in the heads Alsuarig we get them in an electronic bombs
Well, know that we will not retreat anymore, and I've seen what we can do and that you have the so-called protection you should be removed because they tremble in front of our strength, today your Site and tomorrow your Homes

RBG Falleg : Tunisian Cyber Jihadist